Boobytraps: Gefahren am Straßenrand

Interessante Filmdokumentation des IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) zur Sicherheit der amerikanischen Autobahnen Anfang der 1970er-Jahre. Das IIHS hat diese Dokumentation erst die Tage bei Youtube veröffentlicht.
This IIHS film was released in 1972. It explores the problem of roadside hazards such as rigid light poles, blunt-end guardrails, and bridge abutments that turn otherwise minor, run-off-the-road incidents into major, injury-producing crashes. It also explains practical solutions like breakaway utility poles, energy-absorbing barrels placed at crash-prone locations and shoulders clear of hazards.
These solutions can now been seen on a lot of roadways. Although improvements have been made to make the roadside more forgiving, the proportion of motor vehicle crash deaths involving collisions with fixed objects has remained around 20 percent since 1979.
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– Filmdokumentation des IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) –
Foto: Gütegemeinschaft Betonschutzwand & Gleitformbau e.V.